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When: April 21-23, 2023

Where: St Louis, Mo. USA

You don't want to miss this RARE course offering! 

This will be a very small and intimate workshop.

These Manual Cranial Techniques are an ESSENTIAL part of both Exceptional Dental and Chirodontics!

Dr Walker has spent most of his professional career developing these Cranial Techniques, and they will not be found anywhere else!

These procedures are taught in an easy to follow, visual and "Hands On" manner, that makes learning and practicing these important techniques very simple and straightforward!

With this course, and some practice, you can quickly add these important tools to your Chirodontic and Dental Orthopedic treatment protocols.

This course is a MUST for any serious Chiropractor, Cranial Practitioner or Orthopedic / Cosmetic Dentist!

(Due to the very limited size of this group, a previous Chirodontics or Exceptional Dental Course registration is a Pre-requisite for this Live Workshop.)

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So what are you waiting for???

Course Curriculum

You will learn....

  • Functional Cranial Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Cranial Motion and what it means to health.
  • Chirodontic Tri-Planar Cranial Distortion Patterns.
  • How to diagnose the Cranial Distortions.
  • How to correct these distortions.
  • Why these techniques are so critical to your treatment plans!
  • How and WHEN to apply them.
  • Learn the Chirodontic / Exceptional Dental Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Syntax.
  • And a RARE chance to learn these Manual Cranial Techniques, with DR Walker personally helping every step of the way!

These Manual Cranial Techniques will be taught in 3 primary sections;

#1 - Manual Palpation and Sutural Release Technique

This is your Step by Step guide to Palpating and Navigating the Cranial Anatomy, and then performing a full "Cranial Sutural Release" as taught by Dr Walker.  

Here you will learn to systematically locate, and then release all of the primary cranial sutures, allowing maximal cranial and postural correction.

By providing proper Cranial Sutural Mobility, you allow the system to more fully adapt to ANY changes made in the system!

#2 - Manual Cranial Motion Release

This module covers the details of Cranial Respiratory Motion and teaches a complete technique for manually assisting these motions.

The "Cranial Motion Release" allows the cranium to enjoy a full dynamic motion, even if there are distortions remaining in the skull.

This will become an essential part of your treatment protocols!

#3 - Manual Cranial Specific Techniques

This last module teaches you how to make VERY SPECIFIC Cranial Corrections and eliminate the primary Tri-Planar Distortions in the skull.

Dr Walker shows all of the cranial specific techniques that are unique to Chirodontics and Exceptional Dental Protocols!

You will learn to manually "Level the Eyes" in the Roll & Yaw dimensions, leaving you with simply a "Dental" distortion to correct as you finalize the occlusion.

Dr Walker will also teach you the specific manual corrections for the various "Cranial Trauma Patterns".

These are ESSENTIAL tools for treating TMJ Issues and Headaches!

Your Course Investment

Now, you too can learn these Manual Techniques, and join an elite group of practitioners ! By Yourself, in Installments, or as an Office TEAM? (2) But remember, due to the very limited size of this group, a previous Chirodontics or Exceptional Dental Course is a Pre-requisite for this Live Workshop.

Just want to start with the LIVE Manual Cranial Techniques?

(Previous Chirodontics or Exceptional Dental Course is a Pre-requisite for this Live Workshop)

Single Registration $2995