Welcome to the Exceptional Dental  
"Advanced Occlusal Concepts" 

 In this course, Dr McArthur and Dr Walker will discuss the basic underlying concepts they think are the most critical to achieving a proper "Exceptional Dental" case plan and finish.

Welcome to a new perspective!

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Tired of the same old boring courses?


Tired of the same old boring courses?

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This is way beyond "Basic" Orthopedics and "Traditional" Cosmetic Dentistry


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-W. Bruce Houghton, DMD, FAGD    Nashua, NH

Astouding Results!

-W. Bruce Houghton, DMD, FAGD Nashua, NH

"The Advanced techniques taught by Dr. McArthur & Dr. Walker add to, and go well beyond all other advanced courses out there. Their approach is not just thorough and innovative, but also astounding in the results that can be obtained by implementing these techniques!"
-Dr Eric Schikowski DDS


-Dr Eric Schikowski DDS

I cannot recomend Exceptional Dental Courses more highly. Bob andKaye just get it, plain and simple! They’re so far ahead of what else is being bantered about, it’s nothing less than “awakening”. The Aesthetic and Functional results in Kayes cases are nothing short of Amazing. I can genuinely say, their courses are truly Exceptional! Just Go!!
-Dr X. USA (LVI Instructor who can't be named..)

-Dr X. USA (LVI Instructor who can't be named..)

"The most enlightening course weekend ever...! " We certainly weren't taught this in school!

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    $25.00Introduction to Exceptional Dental "Advanced Occlusal Concepts"

    I just want an Introduction the Exceptional Dental course "Advanced Occlusal Concepts"
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How can this information really change your world view and help your clients?

What if MANY things you were taught just aren't true?

Is the Maxilla really fixed in space?

What if it was actually mobile?

To learn this MANUAL CRANIAL and other "Structural Techniques"

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    $3,995.00The Complete Package - Exceptional Dental & Chirodontics

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