The International Academy of Functional Health

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The IAFH has now joined forces with Exceptional Dental, 

Chirodontics, Exceptional Health 

and Exceptional Courses!

Our mission is to provide high quality practitioners with the 

latest information on current topics in Functional Health Care.

These courses are divided into 4 main topics;

Dental~Cranial~Structural courses

Oral~Systemic Health courses - FOSH-CARE (coming On-Line soon)

Advanced Exceptional Health and Genomics courses


the "LIVE" Exceptional Health 

and Exceptional Dental Courses

We also offer a "LIVE" 

5-module - Advanced Certification Series 

in “Functional Oral~Systemic Health” 


Looking for a Live Course?

We do offer select "LIVE" courses at special locations throughout the year. These are a RARE opprotunities and should NEVER be passed up!!

Where and When?

IAFH / Exceptional Courses

what others are saying...

W. Bruce Houghton, DMD, FAGD    Nashua, NH

Astounding Results

W. Bruce Houghton, DMD, FAGD Nashua, NH

"The Advanced techniques taught by Dr. McArthur & Dr. Walker add to, and go well beyond all other advanced courses out there. Their approach is not just thorough and innovative, but also astounding in the results that can be obtained by implementing these techniques!"
Dr Eric Schikowski DDS

An "Awakening"!

Dr Eric Schikowski DDS

I cannot recommend Exceptional Dental Courses more highly. Bob and Kaye just get it, plain and simple! They’re so far ahead of what else is being bantered about, it’s nothing less than an “awakening”. The Aesthetic and Functional results in Kaye's cases are nothing short of Amazing. I can genuinely say, their courses are truly Exceptional! Just Go!!

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