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Are you interested in Airways and Sleep Disorders?

Come and learn the 

"Exceptional Sleep" protocols


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Another LIVE Cranial Technique Workshop is coming soon!

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what others are saying...

W. Bruce Houghton, DMD, FAGD    Nashua, NH

Astounding Results

W. Bruce Houghton, DMD, FAGD Nashua, NH

"The Advanced techniques taught by Dr. McArthur & Dr. Walker add to, and go well beyond all other advanced courses out there. Their approach is not just thorough and innovative, but also astounding in the results that can be obtained by implementing these techniques!"
Dr Eric Schikowski DDS

An "Awakening"!

Dr Eric Schikowski DDS

I cannot recommend Exceptional Dental Courses more highly. Bob and Kaye just get it, plain and simple! They’re so far ahead of what else is being bantered about, it’s nothing less than an “awakening”. The Aesthetic and Functional results in Kaye's cases are nothing short of Amazing. I can genuinely say, their courses are truly Exceptional! Just Go!!
-Dr Heidi Sauer

Quit Wasting Time, Start HERE!

-Dr Heidi Sauer

I've learnt more from these two in the last two hours of this course than I have previously in over 1000 hours of continued ed!! Save time Just Do these Exceptional Dental courses, you'll never look back ... It'll change your life...
-Mr Todd Shewman

These courses are a MUST!

-Mr Todd Shewman

Bob and Kaye's courses are a must! In addition to teaching the "why", the sequential construct of evaluation and treatment are uncomplicated and I could not imagine one doing complex cosmetic, or pain cases without this information. They walked through and showed us why and how to easily measure, record, and analyze the many facets required for comprehensive treatment that provide predictable results.

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Your Exceptional Courses Instructors

  • Robert Walker MA, MS, DC

    Senior Instructor

    Robert Walker MA, MS, DC

    Robert Walker MA, MS, DC, with post graduate degrees in Neural Psychology and Human Biochemistry/Nutrition. He is the founder and developer of the "Chirodontics" treatment paradigm, and the Co-Founder of the "Exceptional Dental” and “Exceptional Health” Course Series. He is also the Co-Founder of the FOSH-CARE treatment protocols and course series on “Functional Oral Systemic Health” Dr Walker has presented to Dental and Healthcare audiences for over 30 years on Pain, Posture, Dental Orthopedics and Aesthetics, Dental Computer Diagnostics, TMD and Headache Treatment Strategies, and the Application of Clinical Nutrition and Nutrigenomics in various healthcare situations. His mission is to provide the latest information to other healthcare providers, and to help them achieve exceptional patient outcomes.
  • Kaye  McArthur DDS, ABAAHP, FAARFM.

    Senior Instructor

    Kaye McArthur DDS, ABAAHP, FAARFM.

    Dr Kaye McArthur is a dentist who has owned successful practices in Australia and New Zealand. In the last decade she has pursued extensive ongoing education and study in her other passion -Health, Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She is a Diplomat, Advanced Fellow and Board Certified in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. She is Certified in Metabolic Cardiology and is completing her Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapies.