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There are MILLIONS of patients looking for trained Functional Health Care Providers.

Are you looking to become “The Provider” of Oral Systemic Care in your area?

Let us show you how!

This NEW, 5-part FOSH-CARE course series is specifically designed to help you achieve this!

Especially for those of you who see clients with;

Periodontal Issues

Sleep and Breathing Disorders

TMD and Chronic Pain Patients

Dental Orthopedics and Orthodontics

Amalgam Revisions and Detoxification

Ozone Therapy

Plus, Strategies for YOUR OWN PERSONAL HEALTH!

To be a True Leader in this field, there are a few things that you MUST KNOW!

You need to know the latest discoveries in “Nutri-Genomics”

You need to know how to “APPLY” Functional Human Physiology.

You need to know the most current Functional Lab Tests available.

You need to know what Nutritionals to use, and when they work best.

But this information is hard to find!

So now we have put it all together for you!

Are you ready to become "THE" Oral Systemic Health practice in your area?

The FULL On-Line series is coming soon!

After completion of this 5 part series, your office will be Certified by the "International Academy of Functional Health" as FOSH-CARE providers
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Are you ready to become

The FOSH-CARE Series

IN FOSH-CARE #1 -   you will learn….

  • What is “FOSH-CARE” and how does this help my patients?
  • How can I reduce Pain and Inflammation with Nutrition?
  • How can I strengthen the Immune System?
  • How can I create Healthy Oral Connective Tissue and TM Joints?
  • How can I support a Healthy Gut and Oral-Digestive System?
  • How does this apply to my Perio, Sleep, TMD and Ortho patients??


   IN other FOSH-CARE courses -  you will also learn….

  • What is “NutriGenomics” and how does this help my patients?
  • What are the primary FOSH-CARE Genomic Variations to look for and address
  • What is “NutriGenomics” and how does this help my patients?
  • How do I support Liver Function and Detoxification?
  • How do I support the Hormonal, Thyroid and Adrenal systems?
  • How can I use this to support my Ozone Therapy and reduce Oxidative Stress?
  • What can be done to Improve Energy Levels and Mitochondrial Function?
  • How does this apply to my Amalgam Revision patients?
  • How does this also apply to my Perio, Sleep, TMD and Ortho patients??
  • What else can we look for and address in the ADVANCED FOSH Levels ?                         

In Addition

you will also learn

  • What Functional Lab Tests and Genomics Reports do I need? .

  • How do I interpret and apply these test results?

  • What are the best “Nutri-Genomic By-Pass” Strategies?

  • When, where and how can I apply this exciting new information?


Get your whole office on board with FOSH-CARE!

It's Almost Ready!

In the FOSH-CARE Certification Series

You will learn to answer all these questions, 

and apply the latest discoveries in Nutri-Genomics, 

to provide a truly “Personalized” Health Care approach.

Are you ready to take your 

Oral Systemic Practice 

to the next level??


 Are you ready to take your place as a 

TRUE LEADER in Dental Health Care??