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“A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to

Cranial~Dental Orthopedics and Health

    With the growing interest in both Chiropractic and Dentistry on treating Cranial Orthopedic Disorders, and the recognition of their importance to overall health, don't you think it's time you look at this topic from a broader perspective?

This course is designed to build on what you already know, and then learn some new techniques, which will help you diagnose and treat many disorders from a "Multi-Disciplinary" viewpoint.

Welcome to a new paradigm!

Chirodontics© is a multi-disciplinary healthcare model and series of courses for Health Care Providers created in 1987, 

by Robert Walker DC. 

(if it is taught by anyone else, IT IS NOT CHIRODONTICS!) 

While Chirodontics is applicable to many different healthcare situations or concerns, it is especially useful in the treatment of chronic complaints, and invaluable in treating conditions like TMJ dysfunction, Headaches and Cranio-Facial pain syndromes.  Chirodontics is also essential for those practitioners involved in Cranial Manipulation techniques of any type, as well as those involved in any form of Dental Orthopedics and Orthodontics.  If you are a Chiropractor, Dentist, Osteopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Medical Doctor or therapist of any kind, Chirodontics offers you a healthcare model in which you can do your very best work.


Chirodontics® presents a challenge to the current concepts of traditional Healthcare. Dr Walker has built some of the most important intellectual bridges of the 20th century in the understanding of the human body.

He has explored its interactive nature, and developed a complete system of treatment, involving the areas of Body mechanics, Dental Orthopedics Cranial Manipulation and Functional Nutrition.

Dr Walker has a special talent for making this information easy to learn and apply in your daily office protocols. 

His system of Chirodontics® is your window of opportunity to quickly access and utilize this knowledge, and apply the most comprehensive healthcare paradigm. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!

*note* These Chirodontics videos are from our older course series..

but the content is always valid.. 

we have just learned even more!

We have expanded the "Dental" aspects of this type of care in our 

EXCEPTIONAL DENTAL - "Advanced Occlusal Concepts" courses, 

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Chirodontics Course Curriculum

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